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Since 1994 Paper Recovery Service Corp has been providing recycling services in and around Boone County. We are a scrap metal recycler, and we turn that scrap yard metal into cash! The fast, convenient and economical aluminum can recycling systems have made Paper Recovery the metal recycler to use. Metal recycling is a cost-effective and environmentally sound means of keeping the community looking good. Paper Recovery’s metal and can recycling services is proud to partner with residents to keep Boone County clean and clutter free. We offer the most competitive recycling prices in the industry so bring in your scrap metal and see what it’s worth.

Boone County Metal Recycling

Boone County is the smallest of the northern tier of state line counties and lies between two growing Illinois metropolitan regions, the Rockford metro area to the west and the greater Chicago metro area to the east. This allows the roughly 54,000 residents in Boone County the opportunity for large city experiences while enjoying the quiet pleasures of small community life. Also near Boone County, the metal recycler Paper Recovery has a scrap yard offering aluminum can recycling and other metal recycling with competitive volume weight prices. Our facilities are highly regarded for our excellent customer service, fair prices, and friendly staff.

Boone County Metal Recycler

When it comes to metal recycling or aluminum can recycling, at Paper Recovery we know our stuff! Founded on the principle of treating people right, our friendly customer service staff has continued the legacy. The growing communities of Boone County have driven the need for a scrap yard and metal recycler and Paper Recovery Service Corp has risen to the occasion. Starting as a paper recycler, the Metal’s Division was quickly added to accommodate our customers. We are now the leading metal recycler in Boone County. Contact us today at (815) 636-2329 with any questions. Our friendly metal and can recycling team will promptly handle your needs.

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