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At Paper Recovery Service Corp we recognize the importance of protecting our planets natural resources and providing sustainable options for keeping scrap metal out of the local landfill sites. We are a full-service ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal recycler and processor with two locations near Boone County for customer convenience. Paper Recovery services are designed to meet the scrap metal recycling needs of all individuals and companies. Since 1994, our reputation has been built on customer service while leading the scrap metal recycler industry in advances in safety and technology. If it can be recycled, we can provide the services necessary to make it happen. We are the scrap metal recycler and scrap metal buyer for any size need.

Boone County Scrap Metal Buying

Just 290 square miles and bordered by the state of Wisconsin and the greater Chicago Metropolitan area Boone County is a community of 54,000 with a rich heritage and a progressive outlook. Boone County is committed to attracting and retaining businesses and the premier scrap metal recycling services of Paper Recovery are here to help. With the support of our customers in Boone County, scrap metal recycling helps to reduce production costs and protects natural resources. Paper Recovery, the scrap metal recycler of choice, offers scrap metal buying at competitive prices in and around Boone County.

Boone County Scrap Metal

For over 20 years Paper Recovery has held fast to our vision for improving the environment through recycling. Continuing that commitment the Metal’s Division was added to meet customer scrap metal recycling needs while building lasting customer relationships. The impact recycling has on our environment is a great concern to Paper Recovery that’s why we strive to be the leading scrap metal buyer and recycler. We can accommodate any size scrap metal job because we offer various types of pick-up services for your scrap metal. Call Paper Recovery Service Corp today to schedule your scrap metal pick up or drop off at one of our locations.

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