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Paper Recovery Service Corp. is a dedicated metal recycler and metal buyer in the Stateline area. We offer a convenient way to efficiently carry out metal recycling along with being a fair market metal buy back option. Our business pledges a superb service along with reasonable prices at our metal recycling yard. Our facility allows you to turn your metal recycling into cash. Paper Recovery stands by the sequence of reduce…reuse…recycle. Our fast and convenient metal recycling has made us a favored metal recycler and metal buyer. Paper Recovery can make metal buy back comfortable, along with providing you with metal recycling that is reliable. DeKalb customers know we are a devoted family owned business of 23 years. We invite you to take pride in taking care of the environment through metal recycling while receiving extra cash at the same time.

DeKalb Metal Recycling

The dream of Paper Recovery’s founder has helped us stay focused on the growing demand and need for a metal buyer and metal recycling yard. The town of DeKalb is known for having groups like the League of Women Voters who push for what they believed was important. Due to their actions, DeKalb established its park district in 1935. This effort was made to focus on community and preservation of land. Paper Recovery is a metal recycling yard near DeKalb that also wants to continue doing what we believe is essential which includes helping residents enjoy the continued health and beauty of the city through metal recycling. Furthermore, Paper Recovery is a metal buyer that pays fair market prices to customers at each metal buy back visit.

DeKalb Metal Recycler

When you stop in, we will evaluate and weigh your metal recycling items so you can walk out with top dollar. We started small in 1994, but Paper Recovery knew there would be a growing demand for metal recycling and metal buy back in the area. In 2001 we put the ‘pedal to the metal’ by adding our Metal’s Division which has now allowed us to become the best metal recycler. Our number one goal of ‘treating people right’ has never changed. When it comes to metal recycling at our metal recycling yard, you can count on our team to get it done! Contact us today with any questions at (815) 636-2329 and allow Paper Recovery Services Corp. to take care of your metal recycling needs effectively.

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