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Paper Recovery is a scrap metal recycler with the ability to recycle ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. Paper Recovery is one of the leading scrap metal recyclers, always treating people right, as well as protecting the environment. Visit our scrap metal locations for your scrap metal recycling. We are a business that offers extra spending money when you bring your scrap metal to our scrap metal buying locations. We turn your scrap metal into fast cash for our customers. Our facility is well-equipped to process scrap metal recycling and scrap metal buying, and are always prepared for any amount! Paper Recovery’s customers from Delavan value our 23 years, family owned business and agree with our philosophy, which is reduce…reuse…recycle!

Delavan Scrap Metal Buying

Delavan is a city within Walworth County, Wisconsin and currently has about 8,500 residents. Paper Recovery pays our customers from Delavan top price as a scrap metal recycler because we are a trustworthy scrap metal business that knows just how important our customers trust in us is. Paper Recovery’s scrap metal buying allows us to be a superior scrap metal recycler who can still do the same thing through successful scrap metal recycling. We enjoy the fact that we can help do our part in going ‘Green’ through scrap metal recycling.

Delavan Scrap Metal

Paper Recovery currently owns a fleet of 50 semi-trailers, 3 semi-tractors, and 15 forklifts that assist us in responding to our customers scrap metal recycling necessities. When it comes to being a scrap metal recycler, we try our best to keep customers satisfied. In 1994, Paper Recovery set out to treat people right along with offering scrap metal recycling that benefits everyone. The rising need for scrap metal recycling has helped us become an evolving and dependable scrap metal recycler. So, contact us today with any questions at (815) 636-2329 and allow our Paper Recovery team to take care of your scrap metal recycling and scrap metal buying requests!

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