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Are you trying to find the best recycling facility in the Stateline area? If so, look no further Paper Recovery Service is here to help! Our goal is to not only help you today but to change the future through adopting good environmental practices that reduces waste and recycling materials. We offer two locations for cardboard recycling, occ recycling, and paper recycling. When you stop and think that paper recycling can avoid the harvesting of 20 million acres of forestland, the reality is we must do our part to protect future generations. Paper Recovery allows you to economically carry out cardboard recycling, occ recycling, paper recycling and corrugated recycling near Elkhorn.

Elkhorn OCC Recycling

The attractive city of Elkhorn, Wisconsin is a peaceful city just southwest of Milwaukee with a population of 10,084. The city of Elkhorn is the location of the Walworth County Fair which is hosted annually. Paper Recovery allows you to watch as the sensitive information paper recycling occurs, for your assurance. Paper Recovery strives to exceed expectations of customer service continually. Get the cardboard recycling, paper recycling and occ recycling you deserve. Feel right about being eco-friendly and go green by bringing us your corrugated recycling, paper recycling, and cardboard recycling.

Elkhorn Paper Recycling

Paper Recovery provides two convenient locations for Elkhorn customers. Paper recycling has increased in demand, and today we offer you a one-stop shop for your recycling needs. Paper Recovery owns a fleet of 50 semi-trailers, 1 fast shred truck, 3 semi-tractors, 15 forklifts and 3 shredders along with other equipment. Customer service is a top priority and has been the heartbeat of our success. We guarantee cardboard recycling, paper recycling, occ recycling and corrugated recycling will take place under 48 hours and often on the same day. Feel free to contact Paper Recovery Service with questions regarding cardboard recycling, paper recycling, and corrugated recycling at (815) 636-2329.

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