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Paper Recovery Service Corp. is a fair and trusted scrap metal recycler who wants to help you earn some extra cash. We serve as one of the leading scrap metal recycling facilities in the area, who offers fair market value for all scrap metal recycling. We use our scrap metal to not just help our clients but also to protect the environment. All ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal of any type is taken in for scrap metal recycling. We are an efficient scrap metal recycler that has 23 years of experience. Keeping the planet strong for future generations is important to us and we enjoy doing our part when it comes to scrap metal recycling. Furthermore, Paper Recovery is seen by individuals and commercial businesses as a valued and trusted scrap metal recycling service. We want you to be the next Freeport resident to make us your first choice for a scrap metal recycler.

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In the 1850’s Freeport was rich with ethnic history that stemmed from Pennsylvania and European Germans who brought their love for food to this Illinois city. Still to this day Freeport is nicknamed “Pretzel City” because of the history of love for the snack and also hosts the annual Pretzel Festival every year. Paper Recovery can rapidly weigh your scrap metal recycling or can recycling and get the cash you deserve in your wallet. Moreover, Paper Recovery will give Freeport residents a great price for scrap metal recycling at our scrap metal facility. When it comes to scrap metal recycling Freeport community members can count on us to help them with the cycle of reduce…reuse…recycle!

Freeport Scrap Metal

Paper Recovery started in 1994 with a dream to grow into the future demand of scrap metal recycling. Even though we were a business ahead of our time, we started small and today our dream is a reality. Our philosophy to put customers first has helped us become the scrap metal recycler we are today. Paper Recovery has grown quickly over the last 23 years. Today our two facilities include 50 semi-trailers, 3 semi-tractors, and 15 forklifts along with other equipment. Visit our scrap metal recycling facility today and allow us to help you with your scrap metal recycling. Feel free to call us today at (815) 636-2329 if you have any scrap metal recycling questions. Paper Recovery Services Corp. will make certain that all your scrap metal recycling needs are taken care of!

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