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Paper Recovery Service guarantees fast, economical and convenient aluminum can recycling and metal recycling as a leading Stateline recycler. Our scrap yard offers can recycling that is fast and we will leave you with a little change in your pocket. Metal recycling at Paper Recovery offers an expedient way to carry out metal recycling frugally. Regardless of size make us your only option for metal recycling and aluminum can recycling as a trusted scrap yard. We invite Geneva residents to visit our family-owned business of 23 years. We take pride in taking care of the environment and our clients.

Geneva Metal Recycling

As a metal recycler, we have a fleet of vehicles and machines that get the job done fast. Geneva is located in Walworth County, Wisconsin with a population of 4,099. Geneva is an unincorporated community of Como and Lake Como. Paper Recovery is a metal recycler who pays market value with a reputable character. Tap into the resource in your garage, closet, or even basement and take advantage of a little extra spending cash. Paper Recovery will weigh your metal recycling or cans for can recycling and give you a fair- market value.

Geneva Metal Recycler

Metal recycling and aluminum can recycling were in high demand in 2001, which is when we added our Metal’s Division. That allowed us to become a leading metal recycler. Don’t through away those aluminum cans when you can recoup some extra change. Paper Recovery now offers 2 convenient locations with a variety of machines, 50 semi-trailers, 3 semi-tractors, and 15 forklifts that helps us respond to customer needs. Contact us for all your metal recycling and can recycling needs or reach us at (815) 636-2329. Let our Paper Recovery Service team answer any metal recycling and aluminum can recycling questions you may have.

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