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Paper Recovery Service Corp. is a metal recycler who is recognized by individuals, businesses, manufacturers, and retailers as the most comfortable, most convenient economical way to take care of their metal recycling. We serve as the leading metal recycler and metal buyer in the area. We offer a metal recycling yard that is geared at protecting the environment and helping you with all of your metal recycling and metal buy back needs. We are an efficient metal recycler with the equipment lineup to handle any amount of metal recycling. Partner with us to keep the planet healthy through metal recycling. Paper Recovery is a valued and trusted metal recycler and metal buyer that gives a fair market price. We want you to be the next Janesville resident to make us your #1 option for a metal recycler.

Janesville Metal Recycling

Paper Recovery will quickly weigh and assess your metal recycling. We appreciate your business and time which is why treating you right will always be our priority. Moreover, Paper Recovery will give Janesville residents a reasonable market price for metal recycling when you stop by our metal recycling yard. The unincorporated city of Janesville is only 7 miles from Toledo which means it has access to all to the amenities of city life. Even though it’s so close to Toledo, it’s located in Illinois. Janesville is a small community that values family and accepts responsibility to do their part when it comes to metal recycling, for generations to come to benefit from. Paper Recovery enjoys helping you with your metal buy back and metal recycling because it’s important to us to reduce…reuse…recycle!

Janesville Metal Recycler

Paper Recovery started small, but the founder always had a big dream of offering metal recycling to the Stateline area. Today the business holds fast to the philosophy of treating people right and offering natural metal buy back and metal recycling. Paper Recovery has grown exponentially as a metal recycler and metal buyer over the last 23 years. Today our two facilities include 50 semi-trailers, three semi-tractors, and 15 forklifts along with other equipment. Visit our metal recycling yard today and allow us to help you with your metal recycling. If you have any metal recycling or metal buy back questions, we are the metal recycler who has an answer. Feel free to call us today at (815) 636-2329. Paper Recovery Services Corp. will treat you right and make sure that your metal recycling is easy and convenient!

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