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Paper Recovery Service Corp. is a scrap metal recycler who has the experience and ability to turn your scrap metal into cash. We are one of the leading scrap metal recycling facilities in the Stateline area. Our scrap metal recycling is geared at protecting the environment and helping you get rid of you scrap metal. Whether it’s ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, we make light work of it because we are a proficient scrap metal recycler. Help keep the planet healthy through scrap metal recycling allowing us to assist you. Furthermore, many manufacturers, retailers, professional services and individuals view Paper Recovery as a valued and trusted scrap metal recycling service that gives a fair market price as a scrap metal buyer. We want Janesville residents to make us their #1 choice for a scrap metal recycler and scrap metal buyer.

Janesville Scrap Metal Buying

Paper Recovery can quickly weigh your scrap metal recycling and get the cash you deserve in your wallet. Paper Recovery gives Janesville residents fair market price for scrap metal buying. Janesville is an unincorporated city about 7 miles from Toledo even though it’s located in the state of Illinois. Janesville is a small community but many members accept their duty when it comes to scrap metal recycling for future generations to benefit from. We invite Janesville residents to come down and receive top price for scrap metal. Paper Recovery loves offering scrap metal recycling because it’s important to us to reduce…reuse…recycle!

Janesville Scrap Metal

Paper Recovery started with a vision 23 years ago, to grow into the future demand of scrap metal recycling and scrap metal buying. Even though our dream was big, we had to start small. The founder of Paper Recovery treated everyone fairly and earned a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable. By holding true to that simple plan Paper Recovery has grown exponentially over the last two decades. We have expanded to two locations with a force of 50 semi-trailers, 3 semi-tractors, and 15 forklifts along with other equipment. If you have scrap metal you want to get rid of come visit us today and allow our team to help you with your metal recycling and scrap metal buying. Feel free to call us today at (815) 636-2329. Paper Recovery Services Corp. will make sure that all your scrap metal recycling needs are taken care of quickly!

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