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Everyone knows how important it is to recycle and reuse items. Recycling scrap metal, in particular, aluminum saves 95% of the energy it uses to make new aluminum! At Paper Recovery Services Corp, we recognize the importance of protecting our planet’s natural resources through scrap metal recycling. With the support of customers like you, recycling scrap metal – both ferrous and non-ferrous, lowers production costs for metal manufacturers and reduces scrap metal in landfills. The more scrap metal recycling we do, the more resources that are conserved, helping achieve Paper Recovery’s commitment to dramatically reducing the carbon footprint.

Kane County Scrap Metal Buyer

As part of our strategic approach to resource management, Paper Recovery is committed to being the primary scrap metal buyer and scrap metal recycler in Kane County. Kane County on the western edge of northeastern Illinois is one of the collar counties surrounding the Chicago metropolitan area. The most notable feature in Kane County is the Fox River which runs through the county’s largest city, Aurora, Illinois. Over the past 40 years, Kane County has had significant growth, particularly in urban developments and now sits at just over 527,000 residents.

Kane County Scrap Metal

Did you know one of the most valuable things to recycle is scrap metal? Many kinds of scrap metal can be recycled. We are a premier scrap metal recycler at Paper Recovery in Kane County that can pay off – literally and figuratively. Without realizing the value, you may have inadvertently tossed scrap metal recyclables in the trash. Steel, Copper, Brass, and Aluminum are all common household scrap metals that the scrap metal buyer, Paper Recovery Services Corp will offer the best prices on. For scrap metal and other recycling services or scrap metal buying prices, call (815) 636-2329 today and get started recycling!

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