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Paper Recovery Service is a metal recycler who has a history of turning your trash into cash. We are the leading metal recycling facility in the area. Our scrap yard is a great way to get rid of your aluminum can recycling along with metal recycling. Bring your ferrous and non-ferrous metal of any type, allow us to make light work of it because we are an efficient metal recycler. Metal recycling and can recycling are small things that make a big difference. Paper Recovery values customers which is why we offer a fair market price for all metal recycling and aluminum can recycling. We want you to be the next Lake Geneva resident to choose the best metal recycler.

Lake Geneva Metal Recycling

Paper Recovery will quickly weigh your metal recycling and can recycling. Convenience is critical in helping you keep the cash you deserve in your wallet. Paper Recovery will give a top price for metal recycling at our scrap yard facility. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is a lovely city located right on the lake its named after with a population of 7,651. Lake Geneva has catered to vacationers with parks, restaurants and tourist attractions. Metal recycling will help future generations benefit from the cycle to reduce…reuse…recycle. Lake Geneva’s community members can come down any time we’re open and get the top price at our scrap yard.

Lake Geneva Metal Recycler

Paper Recovery founder knew there would be a future demand for metal recycling and aluminum can recycling. He started small with customer service as a top priority. By holding true to that simple plan, Paper Recovery has grown into two facilities that include 50 semi-trailers, 3 semi-tractors, and 15 forklifts along with other equipment. Visit our scrap yard today and let us benefit you with our metal recycling or can recycling services. Bring your aluminum can recycling to a reliable metal recycler. Feel free to call us today at (815) 636-2329 with any of your metal recycling and aluminum can recycling questions.

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