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Paper Recovery Service Corp. is proud to be a 23-year family owned recycling business. In 2001 we started up our Metals Division with a metal recycling yard. Today we are a leading metal recycler and metal buyer that can assist customers with metal recycling regardless of size or amount. We always give our clients the respect they deserve along with providing fair market value on all metal recycling and metal buyback. As a top metal recycling yard and metal buyer, we are here to support individuals and businesses in the process of metal recycling. Moreover, we want to protect the environment for future generations. We are a metal buyer that offers you a metal recycling yard that is capable of taking care of all your metal buy back and metal recycling needs. We want you to be the next LaSalle resident to make us your #1 metal buyer and a metal recycling yard.

LaSalle Metal Recycling

The charming city of LaSalle along with Peru make up the core of the Illinois Valley and are known together as “Zinc City” because the first Zinc smelting plant in the U.S. started here. At Paper Recovery, we understand the importance of the cycle of reduce…reuse…recycle to help preserve natural resources and environmental health. LaSalle residents number just over 9,000. We want to provide each of you a stable metal recycling yard and metal recycler. LaSalle customers like turning their metal recycling into cash. Paper Recovery offers metal buy back, and we will promptly weigh your metal recycling, giving you fair market prices. Furthermore, Paper Recovery is the metal buyer that offers LaSalle residents the customer service they want and deserve.

LaSalle Metal Recycler

Treating people right is a core value and foundational piece to our success as a top metal recycling yard. Paper Recovery is recognized by many individuals and commercial businesses as a valued metal recycler, and a metal buyer who efficiently takes care of metal recycling and metal buy back. Since we opened our metal recycling yard to take care of metal recycling, we have fulfilled a growing demand for metal recycling. Even though we were ahead of our time initially, today we have become a sought-after metal recycler and provide metal buy back as well. We offer two facilities that include 50 semi-trailers, three semi-tractors, and 15 forklifts along with other gear. Feel free to call us today at (815) 636-2329 if you have any metal recycling or metal buyback questions. Paper Recovery Services Corp. values your time and will take care of every one of your metal recycling needs.

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