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Paper Recovery wants to encourage our clients to reduce…reuse…recycle. As a top metal recycler in the Stateline area for the past 23 years our family metal recycling business wants to help. We like to provide our customers with an economical way to take care of their metal recycling and aluminum can recycling quickly. Regardless of the size and quantity of your scrap yard recycling our facility is equipped to handle it all! Here at Paper Recovery, we help manufacturers, individuals and professional services to economically carry out their metal recycling as a metal recycler. Paper Recovery values customers that need a scrap yard for their metal recycling, so we provide their source for all their metal recycling and aluminum can recycling needs. Our customers in Machesney Park differentiate our team from any competitor because we are an environmentally friendly business that provides great customer service!

Machesney Park Metal Recycling

With about 21,000 people calling it home Machesney Park is a village in Winnebago County. It is also a suburb of Rockford, Illinois. Machesney Park is one of the homes of Paper Recovery, and we want to help the residents keep our city clean and environmentally friendly. We do this by being a convenient metal recycler. We will make sure you get a fair market price when you bring your can recycling, and metal recycling to our scrap yard. To get money into your pocket Paper Recovery can calculate your metal recycling or can recycling items fast.

Machesney Park Metal Recycler

Paper Recovery continually meets the growing demand for metal recycling and aluminum can recycling for both individuals and businesses. Back in 1994, we launched small, but our policy of ‘treating people right’ made Paper Recovery the prosperous business we are today. Paper Recovery offers 50 semi-trailers, 3 semi-tractors, and 15 forklifts plus other equipment that helps us take care of all your aluminum can recycling desires. All of your metal recycling and can recycling can be taking care of at our scrap yard. Go ahead and contact us with your metal recycling questions today at (815) 636-2329!

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