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Paper Recovery Service Corp. is a family owned metal recycler and metal buyer in the McHenry area. After 23 years, it’s no wonder that more Stateline manufactures, retailers and professional service businesses and individuals count on Paper Recovery for the most convenient metal recycling. We are devoted to treating people right and protecting the environment. We have been able to grow into the metal recycling yard we are today because of our commitment to customer care. Being the top metal recycler who provides convenient metal recycling is essential to us. Let our metal recycling yard help you with your metal buy back needs. Paper Recovery is a competent metal recycler that offers manufacturers, retailers, and individuals in McHenry an economical way to recycle. As a metal buyer, we offer the best price for your metal recycling.

McHenry Metal Recycling

We want future generations to enjoy the world because we took the time to protect the environment. The city of McHenry has often been called ‘The Heart of the Fox’ because of its proximity to the Fox River. This beautiful Illinois city offers abundant natural lakes, streams and a gorgeous state park. We want to assist the 27,000 McHenry residents in keeping their city clean and healthy for years to come, which is why we offer metal recycling. Paper Recovery values protecting resources which is why we implement the cycle reduce…reuse…recycle. McHenry residents will receive courteous treatment at our metal recycling yard. Additionally, Paper Recovery will give McHenry residents an excellent market price for metal recycling. Visit the metal buyer you can trust near McHenry.

McHenry Metal Recycler

Every act of metal recycling can lead to the preservation and cleanliness of our environment. Today we are a thriving customer based and environmentally motivated metal recycler who encourages residents to join in the process of going ‘Green.’ Paper Recovery values customers and quickly takes care of your metal recycling, offering you the top fair market price! Our customer service will always be the priority. Paper Recovery has grown to include two facilities, 50 semi-trailers, three semi-tractors, and 15 forklifts along with an array of metal recycling equipment. Feel free to visit our metal recycling yard and allow us to help you with your metal recycling. Call Paper Recovery Service Corp. at (815) 636-2329 with any metal recycling or metal buy back questions.

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