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Paper Recovery Service Corp. guarantees customers a magnificent service along with fair prices as a leading metal recycler. Our facility turns scrap yard objects into cash. Paper Recovery Service believes in the cycle of reduce…reuse…recycle. Our fast, economical and convenient aluminum can recycling and metal recycling has made us a sought after metal recycler. Our business is fully equipped to process scrap yard recycling. We are the top metal recycler with the ability to recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling. Paper Recovery offers a convenient way to economically carry out metal recycling and can recycling. We are able to make easy work of your metal recycling and aluminum can recycling as a trusted metal recycler. Mendota customers know we are a devoted family owned business of 23 years, we take pride in taking care of the environment while offering great customer service.

Mendota Metal Recycling

The ‘World’s Greatest Little City’ can be found in LaSalle County, Illinois. Mendota has a population of 7,372 that celebrates the Sweet Corn Festival annually that attracts thousands of visitors. Paper Recovery has a scrap yard near Mendota that many residents trust along with enjoying great customer service. Mendota is also a family friendly city that uses Paper Recovery’s metal recycling services to help keep the environment healthy and green. Furthermore, Paper Recovery is a metal recycler that pays fair market prices. If you could use some extra spending money then you may not need to look any further than your closet, basement or garage. Paper Recovery can evaluate or weigh metal recycling or cans for can recycling quickly.

Mendota Metal Recycler

Our doors opened in 1994, and we admit that we started small but the founder of Paper Recovery knew there would be a growing demand for metal recycling and aluminum can recycling. In 2001 we literally put the pedal to the metal by adding our Metal’s Division which has now allowed us to become a leading metal recycler. Even after all of these years, our #1 goal of ‘treating people right’ has never changed. When it comes to metal recycling and can recycling, we have you covered. Contact us today with any questions at (815) 636-2329 and allow our Paper Recovery Services Corp. team to promptly take care of your metal recycling and aluminum can recycling needs.

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