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Are you looking for a reliable facility for your hard drive destruction? If so Paper Recovery offers reasonably priced hard drive destruction services. With over 24 years in the business we have learned that there is a growing need for a hard drive destruction company. Paper Recovery now provides two locations for hard drive secure destruction. If you reside in or near Rochelle join our many satisfied customers in the Northern Illinois area.

Rochelle Hard Drive Destruction Services

Rochelle, Illinois is community centered in Ogle County that offers seasonal activities for its 9,424 residents. Rochelle is just 25 miles south of Rockford and has excellent restaurants, events, and shopping. With an increase in community growth, we know that the need for hard drive destruction services also grow which is why Paper Recovery wants to be your #1 hard drive destruction company. Get the service that gives you peace of mind with your hard drive secure destruction.

Rochelle Hard Drive Destruction Company

With convenient hard drive destruction, you can be in and out in no time knowing that any information you don’t want to be exposed is appropriately destroyed. Paper Recovery offers efficient hard drive destruction services that are affordable. Make Paper Recovery your only option for your hard drive destruction company, we not only guarantee the best hard drive secure destruction but friendly customer service. Put our experience to work for you today by stopping by one of our two locations. We service and protect individuals, companies, and businesses with our services.

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