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Paper Recovery Service Corp. started out as a little family-owned business in 1994, and today we are a successful scrap metal recycling business that’s dedicated to preserving the planet’s resources. Here at Paper Recovery, we believe in the cycle of reducing, reusing, and recycling. We are a scrap metal recycling company that promotes scrap metal buying at an affordable price. Sycamore customers are familiar with how dedicated our family owned business is to the environment and great customer service. We offer customers everything they need for fast, economical and convenient scrap metal recycling as a trusted scrap metal recycle service. Paper Recovery provides a way for everyone to receive services to economically deal with a scrap metal buyer for all of their scrap metal recycling. While we began small, our excellent customer service and the philosophy of ‘treating people right’ has helped make Paper Recovery become a leading scrap metal recycler.

Sycamore Scrap Metal Buying

Sycamore, Illinois is home-based and centered on Illinois Route 64. This beautiful city has kept a small town feel with a population of 17,000 residents. Paper Recovery can evaluate or weigh your scrap metal recycling as a scrap metal buyer who is dedicated to taking your scrap metal off of your hands. Sycamore is named after the Sycamore tree and was once considered a village but is now declared as a flourishing city. Scrap metal buying is now hassle-free and available to everyone for those who use Paper Recovery as their scrap metal recycle service. If you need a little extra spending money, you might not know it, but there could be an available resource in your garage, closet, or even basement. Paper Recovery pays top dollar as a scrap metal buyer.

Sycamore Scrap Metal

Paper Recovery now offers an array of equipment including 50 semi-trailers, three semi-tractors, and 15 forklifts along with other equipment that helps us respond to customer scrap metal recycling needs. We can handle all of your scrap metal recycling as a scrap metal buyer. In 1994, Paper Recovery opened its doors expecting that there would be a growing demand for scrap metal recycling and scrap metal buying over the years. In 2001 we had grown enough to add a Metal’s Division that paved the way for us to be one of the top scrap metal recyclers in the Sycamore area. Pick up the phone today and dial (815) 636-2329 to reach Paper Recovery Services Corp. and let us take care of all your scrap metal wishes and requirements today!

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