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Paper Recovery Service Corp started small in 1994, but like Walworth, we have grown exponentially! Proudly offering can and metal recycling in our Metal’s Division, our trained staff is ready to serve you. At Paper Recovery, we whole-heartedly believe in the cycle of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Offering fast and convenient aluminum can recycling, as well as being fully equipped to handle scrap yard metal recycling. We are the leading metal recycler able to recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Customer service is our priority, and we guarantee to meet or exceed your expectations every time!

Walworth Metal Recycling

For a community its size, the village of Walworth has experienced a significant increase in population growth over the past couple of decades. The close-knit community of just less than 3,000 residents enjoys a quiet historic downtown square which contains specialty retail shops and office spaces. The upward trend and Walworth’s location in Walworth County, Wisconsin suggest the community is well positioned for future growth. With growth comes challenges, one such challenge is met with the services of Paper Recovery’s metal and can recycling services. Walworth residents have access to our scrap yard for all their metal recycling needs.

Walworth Metal Recycler

At Paper Recovery, we pay fair market value for all aluminum can recycling and metal recycling. Scrap metal recycling also helps to keep our community clean. We pay by volume weight so when it’s time to clean out that basement or garage, remember the scrap yard at Paper Recovery will take you aluminum can recycling. We are the metal recycler of choice in the Walworth area. For questions regarding metal recycling, or to find out the going rate of scrap and aluminum can recycling call us today at (815) 636-2329. Our Paper Recovery Service Corp team members will take care of your metal recycling needs promptly!

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